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There are an unlimited number of uses for 3D printing.
Here are a few of the applications we work with every day.

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  • Presentation Models

    Presentation models, trade-show displays, product cutaways and advertising models can be created through special finishing techniques. Painting, plating, lettering, etching, and other special finishes create models that look like the finished product.
  • Jigs, Guides and Fixtures

    Use 3D-printing to build jigs and fixtures for repeatability and accuracy on your production lines. Strong, functional printed pieces are the perfect solution for support and alignment, or use to accurately mark for cuts, indicate drill holes and apply graphics.
  • Concept and Design-Review Models

    Use concept and design-review models to check understanding and thoughtful concept, and to save time and money by detecting and preventing errors before production. Visually and physically evaluate, analyze and solve design problems.
  • Anatomical Structures

    Anatomical structures provide medical professionals with a more holistic view of their patients. Models are printed for pre-operative planning, the creation of prosthesis and the development of educational models.
  • Architectural Models

    Architectural models are used to determine equipment placement and plant layout, map traffic flows, visualize internal and external building features and provide information for code, zoning and massing studies.
  • Shop Support

    Advantage Prototypes acts as a support center for a number of large OEMs who at times require extra output, certain services or materials not available in their own model shops.
  • Engineering Models

    Avoid expensive re-work further down the development cycle by using prototypes to examine the fit, form and function of your designs. See the internal workings to uncover interference issues and conduct fluid-flow analysis using clear SLA parts. Assemblies of multiple prototype parts can be combined with stock hardware to run tests without the creation of expensive tooling.
  • Functional Parts

    Parts can be printed and used as end-item functional components. Many injection-molding type thermoplastics are available for printing. No tooling required!
  • Pre-Production Communication

    Pre-production models are excellent for communicating details and ideas on the manufacturing floor. Get your workers up to speed before final tooling arrives, by using models to demonstrate assembly and measuring techniques. Use these models to set up jigs and fixtures on the production line. Pre-production models also aid in the creation of packaging, and in making decisions about shipping and storage.




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